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Gain first-hand insight into the writing techniques of internationally renowned, bestselling authors, and benefit from the in-depth knowledge of our expert Editors and professional Tutors as you begin to establish yourself as a writer.


Next Start Date 10th April 2017
Delivery Online
Tutor Barbara Henderson
Duration 10 Weeks - 5-10 hours per week
Price £499 - Payment plans available
Future Course Dates 2017 26th June


Constructing A

Learn the art of writing successful fiction while developing the creative and literary skills needed to progress your initial ideas towards completing the first draft of your novel.

Next Start Date 10th April 2017
Delivery Online
Tutor Barbara Henderson
Duration 14 Weeks - 10-15 hours per week
Price £799 - Payment plans available
Future Course Dates 2017 26th June



Innovative Online Writer’s Studio

Receive private tuition and support from within your very own secure and easy to use online Writer’s Studio, accessible from anywhere and at any time.

Unlimited One-to-One Feedback

A qualified, experienced Tutor will provide you with guidance, support and individual feedback throughout the course.

Writing Community

Join a thriving online writing community and interact with your fellow writers within the course forums, sharing tips and ideas, when you want, day or night.

A Wealth of Knowledge

The Writers’ Academy creative writing courses have been developed by Penguin Random House using a wealth of experience acquired over almost a century as the world’s leading publishing house, along with new and exclusive content from its award-winning roster of authors and editors.

Editor’s Review

By completing a course you will get the opportunity to benefit from constructive feedback on how to improve your writing from an experienced Penguin Random House Editor for an extra fee of £150.

Q&A Sessions with Penguin Random House Editors

Q&A sessions within the course forum provide the ideal opportunity to ask questions of a professional editor about how they tackle issues such as creating engaging characters, conceivable dialogue and creating convincing worlds.

Flexible Study

Studying creative writing online enables you to study at times that suit you, allowing you to balance your writing, work, family and other commitments.

Certificate of Completion

On completion of your writing course you’ll receive a unique certificate as proof of your achievement.

Exclusive Discounts

All our writers receive an exclusive 40% discount on all Penguin Random House books, plus 25% off all ProWritingAid Premium licenses.


“I really enjoyed the course. To be honest, I was surprised by how good it was! My tutor has been brilliant. She’s supportive, encouraging and also very tough with her edits. Show not tell and adverbs are on my blacklist now. I’ve really enjoyed working with her.”

Tara King Creative Writing for Beginners

“With the editorial help and invaluable comments of my tutor, my writing improved exponentially. My only regret is that there isn’t a further course I could do with her tutelage, or an ongoing one that I could do for the rest of my writing life.”

Mary Ann Hutchinson Constructing a Novel

“I have enjoyed the course enormously and I feel like I have learnt an incredible amount. I think the course has offered me more than I expected and the process for submitting work and having it reviewed has been really good. I have also liked interacting with other people on the course.”

Lucy Thompson Creative Writing for Beginners

“I would definitely recommend these courses to anyone who has an inkling of becoming an author. These courses were not just about learning a few techniques, but they instilled a belief that writing a novel and obtaining a publishing contract is a distinct possibility.”

Joe Jon-Knight Constructing a Novel
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