Did I Really Write That? Reading and Editing a First Draft

Today we welcome back Michael Stewart to our blog: over the past several weeks he has been examining the various causes of  “writer’s block”, and has been suggesting ways to tackle these.  In the concluding instalment of this series, Michael

Writer’s Self-Doubt and Writer’s Block

Last month we welcomed guest writer Michael Stewart to our blog: over the past few weeks he’s been exploring the concept of “writer’s block”, and having previously discussed it in the context of progressing through your narrative, this week he

What Causes Writer’s Block?

Today we are happy to welcome back guest writer Michael Stewart to The Writers’ Academy blog. Last week – in the first of a six week series on “writer’s block” – Michael introduced the concept, and suggested how we could

Writer’s Block and the Narrative

Today we say a big ‘hello’ to guest writer Michael Stewart, who has been sharing his thoughts on the phenomenon that is “writer’s block” over the past two weeks. Last week Michael wrote about the problems that could trip you

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The Nature of Writer’s Block

This week we give a warm welcome to our guest writer, Michael Stewart. Michael is Director of Communications at the Interactive Design Institute, a UK-based organisation which has pioneered online learning in higher education. He has extensive experience in the