Christopher Fowler

Author of Paper Boy

Christopher Fowler is the acclaimed authors of twelve novels, including Roofworld and Spanky, many short stories and seven Bryant & May mysteries including the award-winning Full Dark House and The Victoria Vanishes.

His latest books are the sinister comedy-thriller Plastic, the Bryant & May novel The Bleeding Heart and the award-winning memoir Film Freak. Other recent works include graphic novel The Casebook of Bryant & May and a Hammer horror radio play under the Hammer Chillers label. He also writes a weekly column in The Independent On Sunday, Invisible Ink.

Fowler was born in Greenwich, London and now splits his home life between his hometown and Barcelona. He is a self-confessed movie-obsessive and for many years he jointly owned and ran one of the UK's top film marketing companies, and has handled films like Reservoir Dogs, Trainspotting, Goldeneye, Moulin Rouge and 28 Weeks Later. He has also written comedy and drama for the BBC, including Radio One’s first live broadcast drama in 2005.