Chuck Palahniuk

Award Winning Author of Fight Club

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Chuck Palahniuk is the author of fourteen acclaimed novels, Beautiful You, Doomed, Damned, Tell-All, Pygmy, Snuff, Rant, Haunted, Lullaby, Diary, Choke, Survivor, Invisible Monsters and Fight Club, which was made into a film directed by David Fincher and starring Brad Pitt and Ed Norton. He is also the author of Fugitives and Refugees.

Palahniuk describes his own work as ‘transgressional fiction’ as it centres on taboo subject matters and features complex characters that break free from the norms of society by which they feel constrained.

Palahniuk has also written works of non-fiction, such as Stranger than Fiction: True Stories, which is a collection of essays, interviews and short stories. He splits his home life between Oregon and Washington and regularly posts essays about the craft of writing to his website.