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Writing is a huge medium, and there’s a lot of different skills you need to master depending on the kind of writing you’re trying to do.

Here at The Writers’ Academy, we’re committed to helping you become a better writer – whether you’re trying to write your first novel, blogging, copywriting or even just looking to improve your general written skills.



Here you’ll find a list of practical articles, step-by-step guides and tutorials on the craft of writing. You can also check out our resources and listings for freelance and creative writers.



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Creative Writing

Creative writing is the practice of using writing to express emotion, ideas and imagination. Most often associated with fictional literature, the term also applies to screenplays, music, creative non-fiction and a variety of other forms.

This differs from other types of writing such as journalism, academic or technical writing and most other forms of nonfiction that are mainly concerned with presenting information and facts.

Top Webinars

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Looking for writing inspiration?

Check out our list of over 300 fantastic creative writing prompts to inspire you - sorted by genre, instantly tweetable and submitted by you, our readers.

You can even submit your own prompt suggestions, and every month we'll take the best new entries and add them to the list!


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Freelance Writing

Freelance writing is professional writing done on a self-employed basis, often for several different publications (newspapers, magazines, websites etc.) at once.

Like all freelancers, freelance writers don't normally work for a single company - although some may be employed full-time and still choose to do additional freelance work for extra income.


Useful Resources for Both Freelance & Creative Writers

10 of the Best Places Where You Can Get Paid to Write

Everything You Need to Know About Self-Publishing

15 Best Writing Competitions That You Can Enter and Win (+ Upcoming Deadlines)

Which of the Best 12 Writing Apps is Right For You?

15 Top Writing Blogs to Read That Will Actually Help You

Writing Courses

Here at The Writers' Academy we offer online courses developed by Penguin Random House to help writers of different levels improve their skills.

During the courses, you can benefit from unlimited one-to-one feedback from expert Tutors, and Q&A sessions with Penguin Random House editors.

We also run a face-to-face workshop on writing picture books for children, where you can learn key techniques from award-winning authors and gain feedback from Penguin Random House illustrators and editors.


Courses from The Writers' Academy

Creative Writing for Beginners: How to Start Writing Your Own Fiction

Constructing a Novel: How to Develop the First Draft of Your Book

How to Write Picture Books for Children: 2 Day Workshop


Copywriting is the practice of writing for advertising or marketing purposes, with the aim of getting the reader to perform an action (most often for the commercial benefit of the writer or their employer).

Copywriting has grown rapidly as a profession as modern businesses focus more and more on digital marketing and creating written content for search engines.


Great Resources for Copywriting & SEO

Copywriting 101: How to Deliver Words that Get People to Take Action

The Beginners' Guide to SEO from MOZ 

5 Top Tricks To Improve the Clarity of Your Writing

How to Write a Headline for Twitter, Facebook & Search

The Free Headline Analyzer from CoSchedule

How to Write Email Subject Lines That Make People Stop, Click & Read

The Free Social Message Optimizer: Write Better Social Media Messages

More Help for Writers

Get New Articles & Upcoming Writing Competition Deadlines 

The Writers' Academy Blog - Everything from Book Cover Design to the World's Best Bookstores


If you have any questions about any of our articles, courses or just writing in general, feel free to drop us an email and we'll be more than happy to help.

We want to keep this page as up to date and useful for writers as possible. Have you come across any great resources for writers you think should be included here? What do you think of the stuff we have listed? Let us know!


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