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At The Writers' Academy, we deliver first-class online creative writing courses from the world's leading publisher, Penguin Random House, to budding writers just like you.

With one-to-one guidance from experienced tutors and contributions from acclaimed authors, our aim is to help you become a better writer - whether you're a complete novice or want to write your first novel.


Our courses are run completely online: there are no live lectures or tutorials, or set times to log in, meaning you have the flexibility to study wherever and whenever best suits you.


Our Writing Courses

Online Creative Writing Courses: Creative Writing for Beginners


Get started as a writer with a comprehensive introduction to writing techniques and the creative writing process

Learn how to use key narrative elements like character, plot, point-of-view and setting over a guided 10 week course, culminating with you writing an extended piece of fiction.


Next Start Date: 22nd January
Tutors: Barbara Henderson and Guy Mankowski
Duration: 10 Weeks (5-10 hours per week)
Price: £499  - You can make a payment in full, or in two monthly instalments
Future Course Dates 2018: 12th March, 7th May



Creative Writing Courses Online: Constructing a Novel


Learn how to structure and develop the first draft of your novel, while refining your own writing style and voice.

Over 14 weeks of teaching and one-to-one feedback you'll work towards completing a draft, and see an extract of your work published and distributed to Penguin Random House editors.


Next Start Date: 22nd January
Tutors: Barbara Henderson and Guy Mankowski
Duration: 14 Weeks (10-15 hours per week)
Price: £799 - You can make a payment in full, or in three monthly instalments
Future Course Dates 2018: 12th March, 7th May



How does it work?


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Do I need to have any formal writing experience to study creative writing courses online?
Not at all, simply a passion for writing and the desire to become a writer. You certainly don’t need to have a collection of completed novels in your bottom drawer – although if you do, you’re also welcome to complete a course!

How much time will I need to commit to studying each week?
You will be required to commit to between five and fifteen hours of learning per week depending on the course you choose.

Do I need to have completed the Creative Writing for Beginners Course in order to take part in the Constructing a Novel course?
No, the Constructing a Novel course is suitable for all writers who have spent some time writing and are keen to make significant progress towards the completion of the first draft of their novel. If you are just starting out with your writing, then Creative Writing for Beginners is the course for you, but if you have already been writing for some time, or have taken other creative writing courses in the past, then Constructing a Novel will help you to develop your writing skills even further.

How do I know my online payment is secure?
Payment security is our top priority. Our site undergoes rigorous testing every three months to remain PCI compliant - this is payment card industry standard testing which allows us to have an SSL certificate and display the ‘https’ in our URL.

Is technical support provided for participants of The Writers' Academy?
Yes, an experienced Support Team and a dedicated Technical Team are on hand to offer support Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm.

What if I have a holiday booked for one week during the course?
If you're unable to work for a week during your course then please don’t worry. Although there are weekly activities to complete, there are no strict deadlines within the course, so you can work at your own pace. We would recommend that you spend some time catching up when you can, or try to work ahead beforehand. That way, you will be learning at the same pace as your fellow writers.

What equipment is needed to study with The Writers’ Academy?
To take part in our creative writing courses online you'll need to have access to a PC or Mac and to the internet, and to be familiar with using these. The operating system on your computer should be a minimum of OSX for a Mac and Windows 7 for a PC. If you’re unsure if you have a suitable system please call us on +44 (0)203 026 0810 or email

Who tutors the courses?
The Tutors on our online creative writing courses are highly qualified specialists. The Writers’ Academy has the same qualification and experience requirements for its Tutors as colleges and universities throughout the UK.

How often can students communicate with their Tutor during the online writing courses?
You have access to a private online discussion area and can communicate with your Tutor whenever you want to. They will aim to respond within 24 hours Monday to Friday.

Anything else?
If you have any further questions please email or give us a call on +44 203 026 0810 and we'll be happy to help. We're available 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday.

Our Writers

“The tutor was more than helpful and encouraging. I loved working with her. She opened doors and shed lights over many aspects concerning my writing. She was very generous with her feedback and time.”

Nour Farid

“I thought the course was particularly well structured, and I have made significant progress in the writing of my book.  I am now really grateful that I have the key crux points of my novel written as they have given me an anchor from which to write from, and a point to return to when I get stuck. It was also helpful to watch podcasts where even established writers confessed to sometimes feeling that their work was unsatisfactory.  Knowing that having periods of a lack of confidence or belief in your work is not confined to aspiring novelists is very encouraging.”

Deborah Barker

“Of all the writing courses I’ve taken this is the best one. The tutor was amazing! I continue to write daily. In fact, the novel I was writing and submitted as part of the class I plan on finding a literary agent.”

Marija Carpenter

“I have nothing but good things to say about this course. My writing has improved so much and I can finally see the touch I believed I was missing before. The tutor was amazing. Her constructive feedback and tips helped me a lot; the articles and blogs she referred me to gave me great insight as to how my writing could be improved. All I can say to my fellow writers is that this course is a great tool to enhancing your skills. The change is gradual but it shines once you compare your works from before and after the course.”

Eman Quasir

“I really enjoyed the course. To be honest, I was surprised by how good it was! My tutor has been brilliant. She’s supportive, encouraging and also very tough with her edits. Show not tell and adverbs are on my blacklist now. I’ve really enjoyed working with her.”

Tara King Creative Writing for Beginners

“With the editorial help and invaluable comments of my tutor, my writing improved exponentially. My only regret is that there isn’t a further course I could do with her tutelage, or an ongoing one that I could do for the rest of my writing life.”

Mary Ann Hutchinson Constructing a Novel

“I have enjoyed the course enormously and I feel like I have learnt an incredible amount. I think the course has offered me more than I expected and the process for submitting work and having it reviewed has been really good. I have also liked interacting with other people on the course.”

Lucy Thompson Creative Writing for Beginners

“I would definitely recommend these courses to anyone who has an inkling of becoming an author. These courses were not just about learning a few techniques, but they instilled a belief that writing a novel and obtaining a publishing contract is a distinct possibility.”

Joe Jon-Knight Constructing a Novel
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Your Tutors


Our online creative writing courses are taught by experienced, qualified tutors, with contributions from acclaimed authors and professional editors.

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