How it Works


Flexible Learning From Anywhere

  • Studying a creative writing course online gives you the flexibility to work wherever and whenever suits you

  • There is no requirement to study at specific times of the day or on specific days of the week

  • Our online creative writing courses are delivered through a world-class, well established educational platform that is robust and easy to use

The "Schedule"

  • You will be given access to all of the course materials at the beginning of your course

  • Each session will start on a Wednesday, and although we encourage you to work to the weekly scheduled sessions, it is entirely up to you

  • Working to the weekly sessions will allow you to complete activities over the weekend and be able to participate fully in Q&A sessions with the Penguin Random House Editors

The Course Content

  • The course materials consist of podcasts (audio), videos, written content and links to external resources, all designed to help you become a better writer

  • Each creative course covers a different topic each week, for example, Beginnings, The Writing Process and Narrative Voice

  • Each topic or session provides between 5-15 hours of distance learning across the course materials and activities, depending on your chosen course

Your Tutor

  • While the course materials and activities within the learning path guide you through your course, it is your Tutor who will provide guidance, support, advice and individual feedback

  • Your Tutor will normally respond to your messages within 24 hours during the working week, Monday to Friday

  • Regular communication with your tutor is encouraged: this could involve asking for help with the wording of a single sentence or for advice on how best to approach the course materials



Using the Study Site

  • You won't be required to do anything particularly difficult or technical. However, we are aware that online study is new for many of our writers

  • Firstly, you will need access to a computer (either PC or Mac), broadband, and word processing software

  • Upon starting your online creative writing course, we recommend that you go through the 'Induction' section of the study site

  • This will explain how to navigate the site, access course content and communicate with your Tutors during your studies with The Writers' Academy

  • The 'Your Week' section summarises the relevant course materials and activities provided. You can approach the materials and activities in the way you find most natural to you